Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inhale, Exhale

Things have been a little intense around here lately. I wanted to drop in, but it will only be for a bit. I guess I finally had some time to sit without immediate distraction. Finally listened to some of the new Coldplay album. The song Charlie Brown (the original album version) reminded me of the person I used to be a little bit. Or I shouldn't say used to be, the person I am, the part of me that's a little hidden right now. I guess, the person I'd be if I had one day to be completely still.

There's about ten or fifteen seconds on the end of the song that switch to a couple chords of piano. It was so peaceful and complete, it gave me goosebumps. Good goosebumps. The kind that makes me want to relive those few moments, where one breath could make me calm, collected, you know, the kind of moment that makes me feel close. Close to whatever you feel close to- love, God, God and love, life... whatever it is that causes a moment of reality to intercede with whatever alternate universe and spiritual realm that's out there. The kind of pause at which the whole Earth stops for you and every drop of air is clarity, and you breath it in. So it seemed enough to write about. Because, after all, as long as you still have those kind of moments, then you're still in touch. Not in touch with reality, but in touch with the more important part, the part that goes beyond everything we can see. The moment where you feel what your heart feels, but with your fingertips. When you can touch the un-touchable, you can close your eyes and imagine the un-imaginable. And for these moments we can reach out of this world and into Eden with all it's inviting waterfalls. It's like the whole universe lines up for you for one brief moment.

And then you exhale.