Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hourglass Beach

This is what I know of warmth and winter
Waiting in this most December

Standing weak and hiding weary
On this beach, so bleak, so dreary

Cold wet toes, as I stand
Upon my line drawn in the sand

Should I cross it if he does come
Or will my will yet stand undone

From spring to shriveled icy leaves
I seem to wait eternally

To burning sunset in the dusk
Like a statue I do rust

Waiting, hoping, thick and thin
That True Love’s hand will so lend

So one day upon my eyes
I will see my love and he be mine

And I will whisper through the snow
A warmth of gain few do know

But ‘till that day to light from dark
The day at hence I will depart

I will wait by my line
Searching, waiting, watching time

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Baby it hurts inside
Come here and make me close my eyes
Hold me tight until the sunrise
I just want to rest a while

I don't know why this pain's so bad
It's been healing, for months I've had
You've been near me and I'm worth all of that
I wish he'd leave me, and leave me flat

Because Baby, why did I ever deserve this?
Why am I left hurting?
Why am I left burning?
I'm worth all I have, all I've missed

So, Baby just drive fast
Put the car in drive and press on the gas
I need you first and I need you last
Stand tall and pick up the glass

I miss your smile and your light laugh
I miss your strong arms and the fun we've had
Come quickly now just like a race
I need you now, your warm embrace

Baby, hold me, small in your hands
Be my peace, my calm, my raging man
My somber beach, water and the sands
Snow and slope, a safe place to land

Be my guard house, my light house,
Out on the prowl
Safe fences, sweet kisses,
Oh, I'm home now

Oh, I'm home now

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I close my eyes and see your face
I crave your blue eyes and your close embrace

Where are you now?
How many miles away?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Losing Grip

The sad thing is, you are but a dream to me. No more real than the distant thoughts of typical college aged girl, wishing to be loved and kissed and to be asked to dance. And you forget that for moments at a time you can hold me, but at some point, perhaps today or tomorrow or sometime soon, I will wisp away like an evaporating tear. And just like that I'll be gone in your rear view mirror.

So do me this favor. Decide now, not later.

The Mantle

If you wonder why I am silent, it is because silence is never ruined. The most quiet things are those not touched, or changed, or over worked. Silence saves. It keeps the beautiful beautiful and keeps the nail un-rusted. The things I speak less of are those most important. Those that I keep in a glass case on my mantle and dust everyday. Those things are my most cherished moments, and keeping them silent and hidden keeps them safe. Safe from harm, from ruin, from disappearance. They keep their value. So I seal my lips and keep hidden my heart and it's mantle and all that lies there. The beauty of treasure is the journey to find it. And those that find it, can add themselves to my collection of glory.