Sunday, January 30, 2011

Out There

Every once in a while, I'll think of you. Spare a moment on you. Send my thoughts through the sky to where ever you are. And whoever you are, I love you. Where ever you are, enjoy your day and think of me too. Though I don't know who you are, I'll spare a joyful thought to send your way. I will. I know one day will come, but until then, until happy memories we will fill, smile for me. I think of you.

I love you.
And I hope I've already met you.

Friday, January 28, 2011

When It's Right

I stopped 

I started

I stopped

I started

I stopped
I started
I am living

Thursday, January 27, 2011


There is a line that we all come to. We have to stop and stare and let it sink in. Eventually we will realize what the line means. We'll assign a meaning and a reason for it's existence. And one day we'll pick up a foot and take a step. One step that will change everything. Our existence will alter, our path will shift, and our heart beat will race.

The sun will sit high in the sky. Clouds painted with pastels and decorated with shine. And dew will fall from our eyes. And it will be a beautiful day. The day that the race changed. The day that the city lights sped by. And the stars fell from the sky.

But, it's all about the line. In the sand, where it begins and where it ends.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All At Once

I am speechless: an airplane in flight. Landing. Jumping. Falling. Loving. Freeing. It feels good to be scared and held and crash and still. All at once. It's all at once on you like rain. Like lightening in the sky in a storm. Or the sunrise. Or the evening breeze when it's just you and me. Like wingless bird flying or tree bark dying. It's a mix of hot and cold, life and death, love and loss. You can't help but smile or cry, wet and dry. Flying high and diving low. Knowing much more than you should ever know.

But the flight. The flight. It's more than alright. You should be free falling, but you're safe. You're safe and high and flying right. Turbulence and disturbance, and through all you dance. And then you land.

You land speechless. On an empty bed. And rest your head.

The Rulers

We all do it. Look at their pictures, follow there smiles. We all do it- measure ourselves up. We place our smile next to their's and match our eyes. We glance their way multiple times a day and feel a piece of our happiness drop. They look happy. Look at their pictures, moments stilled in time. And their happiness appears to out shine our own. Look at their eyes. And look at mine. They are happy. And that makes us sad by default. Measured up, we'll never be the same.

Remember though, stand on your own without a ruler, and you can be as great as your mind will make you. Anything is possible. We can be immeasurable.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Wink

Smile. Smile for me. Because you're beautiful. In every way. You try to hide the smudges and the scratches, but there is no need. You are beautiful with every rip and tear. And we're all a little beat up, aren't we? So smile for me because it makes your eyes shine and your face that much brighter. Because we're having fun and living free. And when you smile, I smile. When you laugh, I laugh. So don't hold back. Smile, smile, smile. And don't stop. You are beautiful and when you smile, I wink.


We wake up everyday to put on our clothes and shoes and walk outside. And then we walk to our cars and go. Go, go, go. The world is in constant motion. Our daily lives running on full speed, our bodies following the steps of the days preceding. Why? What compels us to keep moving forward? Or better yet, why must we? What about seizing the day? What about smelling the roses? We should wake up everyday wondering what today will bring. Throw out the plans, the calendar, the visual image of how our day should go. Things will always go awry, and we must learn to accept those changes and deal with them suddenly and with grace. Why march the same steps everyday? Our bodies tire of repetition. The beaten path we live everyday should be challenged. Everyday should be a new day, the next day. It should not be yesterday or the day before that. It should change with the sun and grow with the trees. We should move, but with the world. Not the race. The race is won, therefore forget the end and live the steps. The steps we take forward, live in them. Not tomorrow or yesterday. When the dew hits the leaves and the sun hits the morning sky, live today. Live today everyday. Because everyday is new. Everyday is not like the last and won't be like the next.